Crush Your 2024 Goals: Emma is Funding Your Dreams

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     Acknowledging the challenges many face in meeting their New Year's resolutions, Emma - The Sleep Company is launching a competition that will provide individuals with the opportunity to turn their resolutions into reality.

  • 82% of the people in the US fail to attain all their New Year's resolutions

    Together with Appinio, Emma – The Sleep Company, has carried out an analysis among 2000 people. The research discovered that more than 82% of the people in the US fail to attain all their New Year's resolutions due to tiredness and lack of energy. Emma also found that more than 89% of the respondents consider sleep quality to be important in achieving their resolutions.

    32% of the people aim to improve sleep as a resolution

    The predominant New Year's resolutions among Americans revolve around aspirations for better financial well-being (42%), physical health (32%), improved sleep (32%), and personal growth (23%). 

    Why are Americans unable to achieve their resolutions?

     The main reasons behind the inability to fulfill their New Year's resolutions are largely attributed to a deficiency in motivation (47%) and elevated levels of tiredness and low energy (35%).

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    Win a gym membership, a ticket to see a new country, or a foreign language learning course, alongside Emma. We're selecting participants to win a grant such that we can enable their goals this year. To participate, fill in the form with the resolution you are looking forward to achieving in 2024.

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