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Our values make our team strong

Louis Hall, Junior Digital Marketing Lead

“Working with a group of people to solve a problem is rewarding. It brings us closer together, inspires new ways of thinking, and builds meaningful relationships.”

Emma Value #1

One team, one dream

We collaborate and support each other for a common goal

Filipa Guimarães, Head of Southern Europe

“I like working across teams instead of on teams. We influence each other, we share responsibility. It creates a work environment built on trust.”

Emma Value #2

Ownership doesn't rest

We take responsibility across the company

George Robinson, Sleep Specialist

“You learn a lot if you really listen, which is what I do when our customers talk. You get to know their needs. And if you can find a way to meet a need, you’ve won.”

Emma Value #3

Put yourself in the customer's pyjamas

We put our customers first to ensure superior results

Sahil Mehra, Strategy & Ops Marketing, Lead

“A good idea is even better if you can prove it. That’s a great idea. It becomes an idea that can make a difference.”

Emma Value #4

Stay awake, stay agile

We hypothesize, test, and adapt

Donnatella Rapizza, Product Development Manager

“If you never try, you’ll never know. Take chances and ask questions. It’s the first step to making a change for the better.”

Emma Value #5

Innovation over hibernation

We question the status quo

Li-Wei Chu, Expert Brand Analyst

“How do you make a clear decision in a fast-paced, energetic work environment? You look at the facts, consider the situation, and go from there.”

Emma Value #6

Eyes open to logic

We make rational decisions


Our products are changing the way people sleep

"Emma has made a big difference in the way I sleep. I used to wake up tired with a stiff neck and lower back pain. After getting an Emma mattress, the back and neck pains have gone away. It’s amazing how much better I feel. Good sleep really makes a difference. Thank you Emma."

Holly H., 25

“I honestly thought this wouldn't help my back after trying 12 mattresses prior and spending hundreds of pounds. I have never had such a good night sleep after buying this mattress. I wake up and my back and hips don’t hurt. After 30 years of suffering I have finally found a mattress that does what it says.  Well recommended."

Sharon T., 49

“Have always struggled with mattresses....until Emma came along. Never had a bad night's sleep since it arrived last October. For once I was looking forward to coming home from my holiday because I knew I would get an amazing sleep on my return. It's like coming home to an old friend.”

Alison B., 52

“Yesterday I received the delivery...the entire buying process and the way Emma customer service kept me updated was a great experience. I had my 1st A Ha! moment when we un-boxed the mattress, it so beautifully comes packed in a deceptively small package...once open it starts taking the no time it became a full flagged. After many years, yesterday nite I had a restful and complete sleep."

Abhijit B., 45

"Totally amazed at the quality of this mattress. I fall asleep instantly and I wake fully rested after a good eight hours. I never used to need an alarm clock because I was always awake due to the lumpy springs in my old mattress. We cannot thank Emma enough for changing our sleep quality."

David, 62

"My husband is a light sleeper and would wake up if I turned over in bed. This caused us to sleep apart to get a good nights sleep. The Emma is amazing, it doesn’t move no matter how much you toss and turn."

Leanne R., 32

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