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The Rustic Wooden Bed

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Charmingly rustic. Our hardwood platform bed brings natural beauty to your bedroom. Its quality materials and solid construction gives your home a relaxed and cozy feel without compromising function or durability*.

*The natural materials that used make each piece uniquely stunning. Expect variation from the products shown in samples.

Effortlessly cozy up your bedroom
The simple and clean design of the Rustic Wooden Bed Frame highlights the natural beauty of pinewood—transforming your bedroom into a warm, inviting space.
Built on strong foundation
The sturdy, solid pine frame is crafted with steel interior brackets that make it strong, squeak-resistant, and able to support up to 900 pounds.
Easy PZzz’s
With our smart user-friendly design, you can put together a charming centerpiece for your bedroom in about 10 minutes.
How much weight can this bed frame support?  

With its solid construction and premium materials, our Rustic Wooden Bed Frame can support up to 900 pounds.

How far apart are the slats?  

To ensure maximum support evenly spaced and extra strong slats are placed 3 inches apart. This slat design enhances durability and extends your mattress’ lifespan, keeping it from sagging.

Does the product use safe materials?  

Our partners put together authentic pine wood lumber with water-based glue and a solvent-based finish that is low in VOC and formaldehyde free.

How do I put this bed frame together?  

Follow the steps in our bed frame manual.

What's your Delivery Policy?  

Free Delivery

We work with UPS & FedEx to ship your products straight from our warehouse to your front door.

Does this product come with warranty?  

We offer a one-year warranty for our bed bases. Just contact our customer service and we'll take care of the rest.

Does this bed frame come with trials and returns?  

Trials and returns are only applicable to our mattresses, pillows, and protectors.

Do I need a foundation or box spring?  

The Rustic Wooden Bed is ready to use without the need for a foundation or box spring. Its slatted base is flat, sturdy, and capable of supporting up to 900 lbs.