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A memory foam mattress that is engineered and designed to support all types of bodies and sleeping styles.
Sleep essentials to awaken your best days.
ACT Hybrid (Active Cooling Technology)

Millions of graphite particles in the foam of our Active Cooling Technology (ACT) work hard to get rid of heat for an experience of deep, restorative slumber. 

  • Revolutionary graphite-infused foam and Active Cooling Technology engineered to keep you cool
  • 3-zone technology: Firmer middle for support and softer feel at head and feel for pressure relief and body contouring
  • 300+ pocket springs for maximum body support and pressure relief
  • Efficient, regenerative relaxation via extended deep sleep phases
  • Ideal sleeping temperature in record time
Emma Original Mattress

A memory foam mattress that is engineered and designed to support all types of bodies and sleeping styles.

  • 3-zone technology : Firmer middle for support and softer feel at head and feel for pressure relief and body contouring
  • Uses high-quality foams that adapt to all body types, shapes, and sleeping positions
  • Zero motion  transfer for minimal tossing and turning
  • Medium in firmness
  • Engineered with sleep scientists and experts in Germany
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    A memory foam pillow created to give you the freedom to adjust height and firmness as you please.

    • Mix-and-match layers to make the pillow customizable for your personal preferences and sleeping positions
    • 3 layers: Supportive, comforting, and adaptive sides all made of premium foam 
    • Washable, vegan, hypoallergenic cover
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      Emma Mattress Protector

      A crinkle-free, breathable, and waterproof protector to keep your mattress free from dust, stains, and spills.

      • Protects from dust mites, allergens, and spills
      • Hugs your mattress with 360° grip, making it completely crinkle-free!
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        Emma Powerbase 2.0

        Discover next-level movement, customization, and personalized comfort, powered by Ergomotion.

        • Ergonomic and relieves pressure
        • Head and foot elevation
        • Two high-power, low noise massage motors
        • Foldable frame and stackable legs for easy storage and heigh adjustment
        • Wireless remote
        • Compatible with most mattresses and headboards
        • Power outage protection wherein the base can be brought back down to a flat position in case power is lost
        • Courier-friendly
        • Powered by Ergomotion

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          What Makes us Different
          Fall asleep faster, rest and restore deeper, and wake up stronger.
          Revolutionary 3-zone sleep technology and design.

          We have a team of sleep scientists and researchers who create with all types of bodies and wellness needs in mind—our 3-zone technology means our mattresses are customized to adjust to your shoulder, hip, and knee zones, creating full-body support.

          Ergonomically efficient

          All bases are covered with our mattress zoning and cutting: With over 100 supporting points, our sleep technology contours your body across different sleeping positions, creates spinal alignment, controls temperature no matter the weather, and isolates movement for minimal tossing and turning.

          Quality-control and modern convenience

          Only the finest foams, pocket springs and other materials make up our mattresses. Thoughtful design and a focus on quality craftsmanship culminate in products that are built to last for years.

          Engineered to get you from slumber to party.
          We design for wellness. We want you to be energized, empowered, refreshed, and to feel good. Emma was founded on the values of bridging thoughtful design and proprietary sleep technology together to make solutions that work for every type of sleeper.
          Engineered to get you from slumber to party.
          Founder Story

          Prompted with the vision to improve lives by changing the way people sleep, Emma- The Sleep Company was founded by two friends Manuel Müller and Dennis Schmoltzi back in 2013.

          After launching the Emma mattress in Germany, they quickly expanded to other countries like Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, UK, France, Belgium, Italy, and Spain—also becoming the foremost mattress company in Europe.

          Today, Emma is online in over 25 markets with a worldwide reach spanning Asia, Australia, North America, and South America. We support all countries in which we operate, and in North America, we utilize American labor and materials in our products. Reinventing and improving sleep is what we love doing, and we’re glad you’re here. Welcome to waking up feeling your best.