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Our original claim to fame that's afforable, convenient, and an absolute dream to sleep on.

  • Pressure relief
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Our best-selling mattress online
  • Delivery time: In stock, ships within 3-7 business days

  • Budget-conscious sleepers who won’t compromise on quality
  • Loved by back, side, and stomach sleepers
  • Great for singles and pet-lovers
  • Customer Reviews

    I can't wait for bedtime now!

    Sharing a conventional mattress that is sagging, with a long legged whippet was a disaster - most mornings I fell out of bed with him pushing me out. I now wake up every morning with much less pain and even the dog seems to love it!

    Judy K.

    High quality mattress!

    I have used Emma Mattress for more than a month now and I'm totally in love with it. The quality of the mattress and comfort is definitely noteworthy. I would highly recommend using Emma if you are looking for premium quality mattress

    Javeria A.

    Best quality sleep I've ever had!

    I didn't realize how bad my previous mattress was until I received my Emma mattress. Not only do I sleep straight through the night (mind you, I sleep with my partner and dog and don't feel their movements at all!), I wake up energized and well rested. I no longer have any body aches and never feel too hot/too cold. Highly recommend!

    Jonathan W.


    Over 70 Product and Consumer Awards Worldwide

    With over 70 product awards and a community of 4,000,000 Happy Sleepers globally, you can rest easy knowing that you’re getting the best for your bedroom with the Emma Original.

    At Prices You Won’t Lose Sleep Over

    The Emma Original combines hotel-quality comfort, pressure relief, motion-isolation, cooling, and zoned support at a price you won’t lose sleep over.

    Luxurious Comfort in All Positions

    Our pressure relieving 3-zone design allows the mattress to adjust to your shoulder, back, and hips zones, creating full body support that’s loved by back, side, and stomach sleepers.


    Love at first sleep

    Don’t Sweat It

    Our team of sleep experts have designed the Emma mattress to allow for good airflow and top notch moisture regulation so you stay cool and sweat-free while you sleep.

    Emma's got your back

    Our pressure relieving 5-Zone mattress design provides full body support that adapts to any body type. This allows your spine to stay aligned whether you are a side sleeper, back sleeper or stomach sleeper.

    Sweet Dreams are Made of These

    The sleek and modern designs of our sleep products make them a great fit for any home. You can rest easy knowing you're only getting the best and comfiest accessories for your bedroom.

    For the Light Sleeper

    Our motion-isolating foam is designed to make sure that any movement from your pets, kids, or significant other from the other side of the bed won't disturb your good night's sleep.
    Take a look under the covers.

    1. Plush. Emma UltraDry ® Original Cover.

    This temperature-regulating breathable cover makes mattress maintenance easy: It’s moisture-wicking, easy to remove, and washable. 


    How does the Emma Original feel?






    On a soft to firm scale, we’re just right which means that you’ll feel the cloudlike comfort of modern memory foam while still have just the right amount of support to protect your back and hips as you sleep soundly through the night.



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