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Emma Hybrid Comfort

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A hybrid mattress that satisfies unique needs of plus-sized sleepers and couples who do more in bed than just sleep. The Emma CliMax combines five layers of cloudlike comfort with one layer of pocketed springs for maximum support and cooling–call it the best six of your life.

  • Luxuriously plush comfort layers that are breathable, cooling, and climate-regulating
  • 5 ergonomic zones that adapt, curve, and contour to the unique shape of every body type, providing targeted lumbar support and spinal alignment
  • Supports sleepers over 250lbs
  • Delivery time: Ships out the next business day

  • Plus-sized sleepers (>250lbs) looking for plush-sized comfort
  • Couples of all shapes and sizes who do more in bed than just sleep
  • Value-conscious sleepers who want the most bang for your buck
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Customer Reviews

Great for couples

We've tried orthopedic mattresses in the past, but returned it because they're TOO firm. I prefer soft ones, while my husband prefers firm. For some strange reason, this mattress just works for the both of us. His back pain's gone and I've been sleeping like a log every night!

Donna C.

 I'd buy this again

Very satisfied with our purchase, the mattress arrived after 2 days delivery and it was sooo easy to set it up. Awesome deal!

Robert D.

Uninterrupted sleep all night

This was recommended to me by my friend since I've been waking up in the middle of the night with my old mattress. So glad I listened cuz now I've been sleeping straight and waking up without a sweat

Nicole W.


Curves In All The Right Places

We provide 5-zoned support to give targeted lumbar and spinal alignment, with zones cradle your head, shoulders, back, hips and legs with the right support resistance. The mattress adapts, curves & contours to the unique shape of every body and sleeping position.

Heavy-Duty for Heavyweights

We use high-quality and high-density HRX (High Resiliency Xtreme) Supreme® Foam for the base and sides that can support sleepers over 250lbs. They not only withstand years of use but also provide great edge support so you can easily get in and out of the bed in the morning.

Plush-Sized Performance

Made with breathable, ventilated, and cooling components from the inside-out: Emma’s breathable AIRGOCELL Foam, our temperature-regulating UltraDry Pillowtop Cover, and our CliMax Pocketed Springs that work like bellows that create pockets of air that keep you cool through the night.

The Best of Both Worlds

Memory foam or innerspring? Why pick one when you can swing both ways! The Emma CliMax® combines the responsiveness and motion isolation of foam with the breathability and bounce of over 600 individually-wrapped pocketed springs.


Love at first sleep

Don’t Sweat It

Our team of sleep experts have designed the Emma mattress to allow for good airflow and top-notch moisture regulation so you stay cool and sweat-free while you sleep.

Get In the Zone

Our pressure-relieving, zoned mattress designs provide full body support that adapts to any body type. This allows your spine to stay aligned whether you are a side sleeper, back sleeper or stomach sleeper.

Do Not Disturb

Our motion-isolating foam is designed to make sure that any movement from your pets, kids, or (differently-sized) significant other from the other side of the bed won't disturb your good night's sleep.

Sweet Dreams Are Made of These

The sleek and modern designs of our sleep products make them a great fit for any home. You can rest easy knowing you're only getting the best and comfiest accessories for your bedroom.

Take a look under the covers

The best six of your life.


Plush & Moisture-Wicking

This climate-regulating, breathable cover feels soft-to-the-touch and makes mattress maintenance easy: It’s moisture-wicking, easy to remove, and machine-washable.

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Breathable & Motion-Isolating

This next-generation and award-winning open-celled foam enhances breathability by dissipating body heat so nights only get hot (and steamy) when you want them to. It also limits motion transfer so light sleepers can sleep easy when their partner (or pet!) tosses and turns in bed.

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Ergonomic & Adaptive

Conventional foam that has over 100 supporting points and 5-zoned contouring to provide pressure relief for the head, shoulder, back, and hips so you can say bye-bye to back pain and wake up relaxed and recharged. 

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Supportive & Responsive

4.7-inch premium and individually-wrapped coils are designed to provide the optimum level of tension and bounce-- strong enough to support sleepers of all shape and size. It also enhances airflow to keep you sleeping cool and comfortably every night.

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Intuitive & Easy

A reinforced perimeter that does not only help prevent active sleepers from falling off at night, but also help you sit up and get out of bed in the morning.

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Dependable & Durable

HRX stands for High Resiliency Extra - This thicc base foam layer was stress-tested  and is guaranteed to provide sturdy support and withstand even a decade of use by our heaviest sleepers.

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How does the CliMax Hybrid feel?






On a 1-10 scale (soft to firm), the CliMax Hybrid is a 6 (medium firm). This means that you’ll feel the cloudlike comfort of modern memory foam while still have just the right amount of support to protect your back and hips as you sleep soundly through the night.



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