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Keep your mattress clean and brand new with our breathable and 100% waterproof mattress protector. Say goodbye to spills and stains!

  • AllergyShield® mattress protector for comfortable, dust- and allergen-free sleep
  • Breathable, waterproof guard for your mattress against spills, dirt, and moisture
  • Stretchable and perfectly fits any mattress

Keep your mattress clean and brand new with our breathable and 100% waterproof mattress protector. Say goodbye to spills and stains!

  • Budget-conscious sleepers who won’t compromise on quality
  • Sensitive sleepers & pet owners who are prone to allergens

Customer Reviews

Super Soft!

The Emma Mattress Protector is actually pretty soft for one. I could hardly feel the difference with it under my sheets because one day I spilled some juice on my mattress and I was super worried, only to discover that I had the mattress protector on!

Thomas G.

My Dog Loves it!

I couldn't get my puppy to sleep with me because he's not yet fully trained, but the Emma Mattress Protector changes everything. We sleep together every night now, and he's only soiled the bed twice, but that didn't bother us at all!

Mary R.

Such a Snug Fit!

I'm a pretty restless sleeper, so often times my sheets end up coming loose when I wake up. I thought that would happen with the Emma Mattress Protector as well, but it stayed put every single night. It's as if it was built specifically for my mattress!

Johnny N.


Love at first fit

Keeping your mattress clean shouldn't be complicated—unlike other protectors that do not fit well and have stubborn crinkles, our mattress protector is snug and easy to put on. It's also compatible with any kind of mattress!

Snooze without sneeze

Get a peaceful, good night's rest free from allergens and dust mites with our protector's revolutionary AllergyShield technology!

No spills, no sweat

Prevent unwanted spills and moisture through our 100% waterproof and breathable protector, so your sleep is as clean and cool as it gets.


How do I put on the Emma Breathable Mattress Protector?

Putting on the Emma Breathable Mattress Protector is quick and easy! You just need to wrap it around your mattress and you're good to go. For visual instruction, you may view here.

How can I wash my mattress protector?

Our mattress protectors are made to stand the test of time and undergo strict testing to assure they meet the highest quality standards. When it needs a clean, simply pop it into your washing machine at a cool 104°F. Do not iron or bleach the product.

Is it safe for people with allergies?

Our mattress protector is made with revolutionary AllergyShield® technology technology and is clinically proven to protect you from dust mites and pet hair allergens.

Can I return my Emma Mattress Protector if I don't like it?

Yes, you can! Enjoy 60-nights risk free with your Emma Mattress Protector, and if you feel it isn't right for you, simply send an email to to get a full refund and our team will handle the rest at zero cost to you.



Twin                                     Twin XL
38”W × 75”L                  38”W × 80”L 

Full                                        Queen
54”W × 75”L                  60”W × 80”L  

King                                      Cal King
76”W × 80”L                  72”W × 84”L 


- Sneeze- and itch-free AllergyShield® technology

- Breathable, waterproof polyester

Shipping, Warranty, & Returns

Free Delivery

We work with UPS & FedEx to ship your Emma products straight from our warehouse to your front door.

Free Returns

Enjoy a 60-nights free trial on your Emma Mattress Protector. We typically require an adjustment period of at least 3 weeks as our researchers confirm that it takes around that long to get suited to your Emma product. Of course, we've made returning of any unsuitable items super easy. Just contact our customer service and we'll take care of the rest.

3-Year Warranty

Enjoy a 3-Year Limited Pillow Warranty for each Emma Mattress Protector purchase.

If you would like to contact us, please feel free to email our support team at or call them at +1-855-580-3662.


OEKO-Tex® 100 Certified

Class 1 (ZHNO 042008) of OEKO-Tex Standard 100.

What does it mean?

This means that the Emma Mattress Protector meets the highest standard and is suitable for babies.


Happy Sleepers Worldwide

Curious as to why millions of customers in over 30 countries have chosen Emma? See what they have to say about us.

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