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Emma Powerbase 2.0

Regular price $1,149.00 USD
Regular price $999.00 USD Sale price $1,149.00 USD

Discover next-level movement, customization, and personalized comfort, powered by Ergomotion.

  • Ergonomic and relieves pressure
  • Head and foot elevation
  • Two high-power, low noise massage motors
  • Foldable frame and stackable legs for easy storage and heigh adjustment
  • Wireless remote
  • Compatible with most mattresses and headboards
  • Power outage protection wherein the base can be brought back down to a flat position in case power is lost
  • Courier-friendly
  • Powered by Ergomotion

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The Emma Powerbase

Ergomotion’s foremost adjustable powerbase: Discover next-level customization and personalized comfort with head and foot elevation, two low noise massage motors, and a zero-gravity pre-programmed position that raises your legs slightly above your heart to promote circulation and relieve lower back pressure

Materials and Care  

Remember to plug your adjustable base into a power surge protector, evenly distribute weight when using your adjustable base, lower to the flat (horizontal) position in between presets & after use, and use mild soap and water to clean your adjustable base if staining occurs.

Size and Weight  

Twin XL

(37.5 x 79.5 x 3 in.)

86 lbs.


(59.5 x 79.5 x 3 in.)

111 lbs.


(14175.5 x 79.5 x 3 in.)

141 lbs.

Delivery Policy  

Free Delivery

We work with UPS to ship your Emma products straight from our warehouse to your front door.

Return Policy  

Easy Returns

Ergomotion’s return policy allows for products purchased directly from Ergomotion to be returned by the original purchaser during the initial thirty (30) day period following the date of purchase. The refund will be the purchase price actually paid by the purchaser less a ten percent (10%) restocking fee per each item returned. Shipping and handling are not refundable.

To start a return, please contact Ergomotion by emailing

10-Year Limited Warranty  

2-Year Hassle Free Warranty

Your adjustable base is warranted by the manufacturer against defects in materials or workmanship for a period of two years from the date of purchase to the original Purchaser. During such time, the manufacturer will repair or replace, at no cost to the original Purchaser, any warranted part(s)* found to be defective by the manufacturer, in its sole discretion. This includes all pre-authorized labor and transportation costs incurred with the repair or replacement of any part found to be defective.

5-Year Warranty on Parts

During year 3 through 5 from the original purchase date, the manufacturer will replace any part on the adjustable base found to be defective by the manfacturer, to the original Purchaser. The manufacturer’s liability is limited to the replacement of the defective electrical/mechanical part(s)* ONLY with the Purchaser responsible for all service, installation, and transportation cost of said part(s).

10-Year Limited Warranty

Notwithstanding the above, the manufacturer extends a 10-year warranty on mechanical base parts found to be defective on a limited basis as defined herein. Specifically, the manufacturer warrants that for a full 10 years from the commencement date of this warranty, any defect in the workmanship or the materials used shall be covered. For purposes of this 10-year warranty, it specifically excludes the cover, shroud, platform, legs, actuator lift motors, massage motors, control box, remote controls, power supply, and all power supply cords. The purchaser shall pay 1/5 of the current MSRP of the replacement part, or the entire adjustable base if deemed irreparable at the sole discretion of the manufacturer, multiplied by the number of years after the fifth year from the original purchase date. The manufacturer’s liability shall be limited to the replacement of the defective part(s) ONLY with the purchaser responsible for all service, installation and freight costs for said part.

Register your warranty online at : Ergo Motion Warranty

Are there additional leg options for my Ergomotion?  

Yes. We currently offer a variety of black powder coated and stainless steel legs*. We also offer 3″, 5″ and 9″ casters.

Headboard brackets are NOT compatible with 2″ legs. Please call your Customer Service Representative at 1-888-550-ERGO (3746) for further assistance.

Can I attach my headboard to my Ergomotion base?  

Yes. There are headboard brackets made specific for each Ergomotion model. Please call your Customer Service Representative at 1-888-550-ERGO (3746) for further assistance.text here

How can I order replacement parts under warranty?  

All warranty claims are processed by Ergomotion Customer Service. In order to start your claim, please call a representative at 1-888-550-ERGO (3746).

Please have your bed base serial number (located on your warranty card, owner’s manual, and the metal frame for your convenience) and proof of purchase readily available for assistance.Add your text here

Is there a weight limit for Ergomotion bases?  

Although your Ergomotion base has been rigorously tested, to maintain the highest quality standards, exceeding the recommended weight limits may void your warranty. This product is not rated to support weights in the excess of these amounts inclusive of the mattress and bedding. The base will structurally support his weight, provided it is evenly distributed across the bed base. The adjustable base is not designed to support or lift this amount in the head or foot sections alone.