How does the 365-night trial work?

Take your time when choosing a mattress and deciding if everything about it is right for you. Our risk-free trials gives you 365 nights* to relax and enjoy. We also guarantee that the performance characteristics of Emma mattresses will remain undiminished for many years.

*365 nights trial only applies to mattress orders made after June 3, 2022. Orders made prior are subject to the 100-night trial.

*This offer is only applicable to our mattresses, pillow, and protector.

What are the shipping and return details?  

We work with UPS and FedEx to ship your Emma products straight from our warehouse to your front door. Free returns are guaranteed if you must return your purchase for any reason, and our customer service will take care of everything.

For customers purchasing a mattress to be delivered in the state of California, you can reach out to our Customer Service team at to arrange for the collection of your old mattress.

What is the warranty of an Emma mattress?  

Every mattress comes with a 10–year guaranteed warranty. Free returns are guaranteed if you must return your mattress after the 365 night trial for manufacture defect issues. Our customer service will take care of everything. Our team is reachable through and we’ve got you covered.

Are Emma mattresses compatible with adjustable bases?  

Yes! All of our memory foam mattresses are compatible with adjustable bases. Shop our Emma x Ergomotion Powerbases here.

How firm are Emma mattresses?  

We’re on the medium-firm range, meaning our mattresses have the right amount of support to distribute pressure evenly across the mattress. Our mattresses also have a softer top layer foam to adapt to movement and sleeping positions to comfortably hug your body as you sleep through the night.