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Why Should I Choose a Memory Foam Mattress?

Maybe you’re not a mattress expert. But that’s why Emma is here to help. You’ve probably read a bit about the Emma mattress by now. But perhaps you crave some broader mattress education.

Let’s start with memory foam

You’ve no doubt heard about memory foam before. But how deep have you delved into the famous memory foam mattress’ history? Not this far I bet.

Memory foam technology was developed in 1966 as an attempt to develop better safety cushions for NASA. Memory foam differs from regular foam as it is characterized by an open cell structure. This is what allows for the foam to adapt to each individual body contour. The more scientific term for memory foam is visco-elastic. All this means is that it gives under pressure, and returns to its original shape when the pressure is removed.

Memory foam mattresses are even more popular than foam mattresses because they are better at evenly distributing body weight. So no matter your sleeping position, memory foam mattresses will cradle your most important pressure points. Have chronic back pain? You’ll no longer have to worry about that with a memory foam mattress!

Another great health point of memory foam mattresses is that they reduce the likelihood of allergens to develop in your mattress. Whatever is getting in the way of your good night’s sleep, a memory foam mattress may be the answer.

Not only are memory foam mattresses good for your body, but they’re also good for your wallet. I know this sounds crazy since memory foam mattresses are usually on the higher end of the price range. However, their life span is generally significantly longer than spring mattresses. Thus, a memory foam mattress will ensure you buy fewer mattresses in your lifetime.

What about cooling mattresses?

We’ve all slept through those hot summer nights (or tried to). You toss and turn, flipping your pillow and sheets along with you. But nothing seems to help! But what if you had a cooling mattress? Well, that could just be the answer to your problem.

How do cooling mattresses work, you ask? Well, that open cell foam we were talking about earlier plays a part in it. This allows air to flow through the mattress, creating a cooling effect while you sleep. The heat your body creates passes through the memory foam mattress, and you won’t feel hot throughout the night!

Emma offers this cooling mattress technology, not only in its memory foam design, but also in its climate-regulating top cover.

And motion-isolation mattresses?

Motion-isolation mattresses localize the movement of a sleeper. Memory foam mattresses tend to exhibit great motion-isolation, as the thicker foam is able to better absorb motion. This means that even while your partner is tossing and turning, your sleep will be undisturbed.

The Emma mattress utilizes its unique memory foam design to provide you with the best sleep. You won’t have to worry about any partner-related motion while sleeping on an Emma.

Memory foam, cooling technology, AND motion-isolation?!

Now that you know a lot about memory foam mattresses, perhaps you’ll need some help picking the right one. But let’s be real. You already know which is the right one. The Emma memory foam mattress combines visco-elastic technology with additional layers to create the best sleep for you. These three layers of various types of foam create a unique blend to bring out the best aspects of memory foam.

Next time you question if a memory foam mattress is the right choice for you, look no further than your good friend Emma.

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